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hey kids, i am still doing these color pals., and i have a lot to do i’m really excited about , but my computer is going to be out of commission for a few days so i can’t do any digital work on it. in the mean time, here’s a collection of the ones finished.

One of these days, imma be Tumblr famous and everyone is gonna ship me with my celebrity friends. Like Zayn. I like the sound of Zamann Selik. Yeah that works.

When you realize the person you may like is the type of person you hate…

Mythology Asks

Anubis: How do you feel about death?

Atum: What are your greatest imperfections?

Bastet: Do you have any cats?

Hathor: What brings you joy?

Horus: What is one thing you've had to fight for in your life?

Osiris: Do you believe in the underworld?

Ra: Do you have any major responsibilities or importance?

Thoth: Do you like to read/write?

Arawn: What is the most terrifying thing you've ever done?

Bran: How is your health?

Brighid: Tell us about your relationship with your father.

Cernunnos: What is your favorite animal?

Danu: What is your relationship with your mother?

Morrigan: What do you think happens when we die?

Olwen: What is your favorite flower?

Rhiannon: Have you ever been betrayed?

Bragi: What kind of music do you listen to?

Freya: Have you ever been in love?

Freyr: Do you have any children?

Hœnir: Are you a silent or talkative person?

Iounn: How old are you?

Loki: What is the best trick you've ever pulled on someone?

Odin: What is your family like?

Thor: Would you consider yourself pretty powerful?

Tree: What have you done with your life? What are you going to do with it?

Aphrodite: What do you think of yourself?

Ares: Are you an easy person to anger?

Athena: Would you consider yourself an artist?

Apollo: Do you play any instruments?

Dionysus: Do you drink?

Hades: Do you have a bad reputation?

Hekate: Have you ever tried to communicate with the dead?

Hermes: Have you ever stolen anything?

Poseidon: Are you a moody person?

Zeus: Are you a confident person?

Jupiter: Would people say that you are intimidating or fairly approachable?

Pluto: Where do you think we go when we die?

Apollo & Dianna: Do you prefer to be up during the day or at night?

Mars: Have you ever gotten into a fight?

Minerva: Do you generally give good advice?

Proserpine: Have you ever felt trapped?

Plutus: Do you have a job?

Venus: Have you ever had your heart broken?

Vesta: Do you like being home or do you try to get out whenever you can?

Morpheus: Do you daydream often? Of what?

@niallofficial: I got all the lads Christmas presents except for zayn, I don’t know what to get him.
@zaynmalik: you don’t need to get me anything. Being with you is enough.

They fucked…without me…

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"I feel like there’s a connection between music and art, I don’t know what it is but there’s definitely a connection between it…"

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The Brothers Brant (That’s Peter and Harry) on the Pleasures of Being 1-Percenters, Sexuality, and Suri Cruise’s Fashion Sense

-So I read this article in Vanity Fair about brothers Peter and Harry Brant-sons of mogul Peter Brant I and supermodel Stephanie Seymour, and I’m absolutely, homosexually obsessed. These boys are wealthy, modern day dandies; and they nonchalantly, unapologetically embrace their privilege, dandiness, and “1 percenter” life style with empowered aplomb.

There are so many things that I love about these boys, but I’m going to be succinct with a Top 5:

1. Peter and Harry are all about beauty-“We wake up and see beauty everywhere. Both my parents bring such a unique element to it. They’ve both devoted their lives to beauty.” It doesn’t hurt that their father has one of the largest collections of modern art in the world, including like, gagillions of Warhols lying around their Georgian estate in Greenwich-obviously.

2. They’re both gay and fabulous and chicly (cheekily) excessive. When they didn’t get to go to the Met Ball-the world was deprived of a baby panther: “I had arranged for the baby panther and everything,” Peter complained. “What could be better than diamonds and exotic baby animals?” You guys-seriously-I can’t think of anything better than diamonds and exotic baby animals, can you??

3. They’re post modern gay. Gay boys in the postmod world are super “undefined”: “I’m both, kind of, a little bit…. I do both, and, you know, I’m cool with everything. I don’t like to be defined. I personally don’t think that you can be. I’m undefinable. I’m undefined. And I think that anyone who thinks they have me figured out knows nothing about me, ’cause very few people in the world actually know anything about how my mind works.” Peter and I both share the sentiment that people who think they have us figured out are actually even more clueless than Cher Horowitz.

4. They’re best friends with Courtney Love, which is pretty bananas and glam all at once. Harry is an insomniac and says that Courtney “is the only one awake when I am.” That might be for different reasons, but still-that’s pretty fucking buckwildly fabulous.

5. They’re young, but incredibly precocious and self-assured. 15 year old Harry had the following to say on twitter: “From now on when people ask me what I ‘do’ I’m just gonna say ICON,” Harry recently Tweeted on the pair’s joint Twitter account.” Let’s contextualize that this boy is 15 and gay. Not to compare, but when I was 15 and gay, some senior on my football team came up to me and was like, “you’re so arrogant, Hansen,” and I was like, “SO?” So I tend to hold a dear place in my heart for self-assured gay teenagers.

-Watch out for the Brant Brothers.


Harry Brant, Peter Brant, Sofia Sanchez Barrenechea and Joan Smalls were all dressed up this weekend at Allison Sarofim’s Annual Halloween Bash